Fundamentals Of Livestock Fencing

The most effective and long-lasting farm supplies in Tasmania are planned with correct layout and built with appropriate material and construction. The cost of a properly built fence often returns its value in a short time. It is most important to be aware of any regulations and zoning ordinances that pertain to the type of fence being built. When fences are built near property borders it is essential to be familiar with the exact location of the boundary lines.

Best Management Practices

No two situations are the same when making a decision for the most suitable type of fence. In order to prevent damage or loss of animals related to fence failure, plan and build for the worst situation, keeping in mind that animals that are panicked, breeding, or newly weaned are apt to pressure a fence. Hungry animals are likely to confront the effectiveness of a fence. This is especially true with thirsty animals.

  • Sheep and Goats

A good perimeter fence is recommended, especially with sheep, primarily to prevent problems with predators. It is most important to maintain a good electric charge in farm gates in Tasmania. This is particularly true with sheep because they have heavy wool which insulates them from electrical shock. For the reason that sheep and goats are stature, wires are required to be close to the ground and need to be cleared of vegetation so as to reduce grounding and maintain a good electric charge in the system.

Sheep and goats are also of lighter weight as compared to other livestock and do not have as good contact to the ground so the electrical shock can be limited. Specialized electrified netting materials have been proven very effective for sheep and goats.

  • Cattle

These larger animals adjust easily to electric fencing and do not need as many wires or wires low to the ground as smaller animals. The age of the animal dictates the number of wires that is best for the fence. It is supposed to be noted that when bulls are present, the fence is supposed to be in good condition. A single wire can be suitable with well trained animals. An electric conducted plastic twine, commonly known as polywire, is easy to erect and remove and is excellent for rotational grazing.

  • Horses

They are fast moving animals and need a more visible fence as compared to other animals. Electrified tape is more visible in contrast to polywire. Horses are also very sensitive to electric shock and can be unpredictable. It is essential, as a result, when choosing a fence to take into account that horses can turn out to be entangled in the wire and turn out to be injured. Speak with a fence specialist, especially the one who is familiar with horses.


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