Creating an e-commerce website design and thinking about implementing it can take a lot of time. Remember that the design of your website is very important because it is an important factor in gaining potential customers.

However, sustaining an e-commerce business can be difficult without access to reliable Australian domain hosts, the right tools, or knowledge of where to find them. This article will demystify the top website design tips to help you reach more customers and increase your e-commerce sales, so let us get started.

Top Website Design Tips to Increase Your E-Commerce Sales

● Highlight Your Top Products

Your e-commerce website store should always highlight your popular products. This could mean the products that you sell the most, the ones that customers mostly review, or it can be the ones that make you a lot of money.

Try highlighting the products with contrasting colours, changing the layout or size of the images and making banners to promote the top products. Implementing these tips will eventually boost sales for your e-commerce store.

● SEO Best Practices

SEO is one thing that cannot be compromised regarding your e-commerce website because this is the only thing that can help you get more exposure to your website and have a wider reach.

When you want to increase SEO rankings for your e-commerce website, remember the below-mentioned tips:

  1. Use Relevant Keywords
  2. Write Effective Product Descriptions
  3. Use Built-in tools effectively.

● Make the Best Use of Images

High-resolution images are paramount. Hence, take several shots of each product and create a slideshow to showcase them from different perspectives. Customers want to see a product in action before they decide to purchase it.

● Be Honest About Pricing

Again, this is one of the web design tips you should be aware of. Customers always want to see honest and transparent pricing. You should avoid hidden fees because a price higher than the expected range will cause customers to abandon their carts and go to your competitor’s store.

● Clear Call to Actions

A call-to-action lets your customers know exactly what they are supposed to do, which amplifies their shopping experience. Certain CTA’s like Buy Now, Add to Cart and Make Payment are direct calls to action that ultimately simplify the buying process.

Remember that lacking CTAs could lead to confusion or even compel customers to abandon your cart or website without completing the journey.

● Make the Checkout Process Simple

Simplifying the checkout process is again one of the best practices for website design concerning your e-commerce store. You can do this by adding a quick checkout solution and reducing the number of pages that the customer needs to visit before they can complete a purchase.


If you want to increase sales for your e-commerce website, simplicity is the major factor on which you ought to focus. Remember, the simpler your website is from the designing and buying experience point of view, the more chances you have of enhancing your sales.

Still, if you have any doubts, read the above e-commerce website design guidelines, which will help you understand how to improve your website sales and customer base.

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