When it comes to surface protection, nothing offers more security to your car than a ceramic coating; that’s a fact. But, it must be said that there is much more to the story than extreme protection. Ceramic coatings offer a lot more in terms of gloss, water hydrophobicity, and, at least with the Ceramics range, ease of use and extreme durability.

However, we are often asked; how our coatings work, how easy it is to apply, and what results can be expected. So here’s everything you need to know about getting 12 months of protection for your car and why you should look for a ceramic coating near me. Ceramic cladding is a growing trend among auto detail center services. What is the reason why you should choose this method? The ceramic coating offers a comprehensive action: it not only protects the car paint but, above all, greatly improves the visual condition of your vehicle.

Window tinting can protect your investment if you’ve recently modified your car with new upholstery or just maintained an old one over the years. How long does it take to tint windows on your windshield will prevent UV rays from discoloring your upholstery, so your car will always look new!

The list of benefits doesn’t stop there when it comes to tinted car windows. One of the most annoying things that can happen while driving is having to deal with glare. Especially if you forget your glasses at home, glare can interfere with your driving experience and make you more prone to accidents.

Fortunately, car windshield tinting is again the solution to this problem. It will stop most of the glare from the sun, allowing you to see better while driving. You can easily distinguish traffic signs, approaching vehicles, and pedestrians. Tinted lenses will make your driving experience much safer even if you don’t wear sunglasses.

What will you gain by investing in ceramics?

Applying ceramic coatings to bodywork provides many benefits: from protecting the paint from micro-scratches to enhancing the car’s appearance. The car is easier to clean for a single charge and much more resistant to harmful external factors. Thanks to ceramics, you can enjoy your car in perfect condition, and this protection has a useful life of up to 9 years. Are you still hesitating? Discover the benefits of this method.

Mirror Effect

The ceramic-coated body reflects the light perfectly and makes the car shine, literally. In addition, ceramics deepen the tone of the painting, an effect that is especially noticeable in the case of bright colors. Results? Sharper, brighter paint over the years.

Fade Resistance

This coating has a high resistance to ultraviolet radiation, reducing the tendency of the paint to change color. This feature is useful if you cannot store your car in the garage. Also, ceramics prevent discoloration caused by harsh chemicals or guano. Investing in a ceramic coating means you will no longer have to repaint your car.

Rust Protection

Road salt used in winter accelerates corrosion, leading to the need for expensive damage repairs. How can you protect your car from this possibility? The ceramic coating prevents salt from settling on the bodywork, making it less susceptible to oxidation.

Car Paint Reinforcement

The ceramic coating protects the paint’s inner layer from mechanical damage and makes removing scratches from the car’s surface easier. It is resistant to abrasion, pitting, and scratches caused by sand, gravel, branches, etc. It increases resistance to micro-scratches and makes major losses easy to repair: it only takes a slight touch of the coating in the center of the detailing.

Easy to clean and rarely washed

Even new cars can look bad, and this is due to dirt, dust, or traces of moisture. Thanks to its hydrophobic properties, the ceramic film repels dirt and dust, making it easier to clean the car. Out-of-town trips no longer require detailed vehicle cleaning: you can effectively remove accumulated dirt from the ceramic coating with just water.


You will surely appreciate the great comfort of using a ceramic-coated car. Depending on your chosen product, you will enjoy a two, four, or nine-year guarantee. During this period, the only thing you should do to maintain the properties of the coating is to carry out periodic inspections. And nothing else.

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