7-Day Free Trial of Jungle Scout in 2022: The Ultimate Guide

In 2022, are you looking for a Jungle Scout 7 day free trial, a 14 day free trial, or even a 30 day free trial? You may have heard of Jungle Scout, which provides a 14-day free trial to new users of their website. Free trials are excellent because they let you pan for gold without spending a fortune. As per review it is believed that the jungle-scout/”>junglescout free trial for 14 days is quite valuable, and you should definitely start using it right away. You’ll learn a lot and get a lot of practice for free.

What is Jungle Scout?

A research tool on Amazon is called Jungle Scout. It performs the statistical calculations so you can maximize your profits and spend less time researching trends. Create trends instead of copying others, and let people follow your formula for success. If you don’t take advantage of the Jungle Scout trial, you can be sure that your rivals will, giving them an advantage over everyone else. Anyone who has used Amazon knows how labor-intensive it is to sort through the data, but there are also several potential for profit. Jungle Scout is merely a sizable pan that allows you to quickly sift through the soil. There are several different services offered by Jungle Scout. There is currently no 14-day Jungle Scout trial available; however businesses can access a free enterprise-level demo.

The prices for Jungle Scout’s services fall into one of three categories:

  • Simple for $29 a month
  • $49/month for a suite
  • Professional services for $84 monthly

The Chrome and Firefox browser extensions that let you browse Amazon and quickly calculate numbers are included in the basic price tier. One user can log in at a time, however up to three items can be tracked. That’s already a fantastic price, and things only get better from here. However, if you’re a entrepreneur, this tier may initially be more than adequate for you. This tier also includes source/keyword research, review automation, and multi-user capability. The Opportunity Finder module gives you details on products and services that are in high demand but have little competition.

The ranking histories of 150 goods and up to 3,500 keywords can be viewed at once. You may manage supplier communications on this tier, evaluate prices, and even place purchase orders. The Professional level of Jungle Scout is intended for well-established Amazon businesses in order to satisfy their needs. It at least includes everything from the prior two tiers, with some features being replaced with improved versions.

Final thoughts

On this level, you may keep an eye on up to 1,000 products and see the rank history for up to 5,000 keywords at once. Sharing your account with up to six other individuals is free of charge. Purchasing this tier puts you in front of the line for unique training, according to Priority On-boarding.

The Academy Training that is present in the first two tiers is replaced by this training. All three tiers offer a money-back guarantee, customer support, and Amazon sales data for the first 14 days. All customers, regardless of tier, have access to the Opportunity Score, which shows you which keywords and categories are most profitable.

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