How to make a logo for free

Company website presents its services: creation of any logo to your taste, color and even color scheme. Our online designer will select the most creative for you, in just two minutes. Then you can download your logo and leave it forever by paying our tariff.

What is a logo?

The logo represents the company. This is a trademark, that is, the face of the company. Sales and product recognition depend on the logo. The logo originated from the ancient Greek word (logos-tilos imprint, emblem graphic sign). Which are used by private organizations, companies for the recognition of goods from the target audience. The logo is the image of the company. They do not represent an organization without a logo. It’s like a snowman without a head. Logos must also have the following registration documents. Confirming the authenticity of your product . This document will help to avoid unfair competition in the future and protect your rights to the goods in court. Products that do not have a logo or the logo is unknown are called noname. When drawing up a logo, there are the following requirements: it is remembered by people, its versatility, originality, conciseness, scaling, expressiveness, what it is associated with, functionality.

The logo was created in order to distinguish products from different companies and industries. If the product has a trademark or logo that has been on the market for several years, it is a quality mark and a guarantee of a proven excellent supplier. Ways to make a logo for free: the methods may be different. Both free and paid. Various websites and design robots are free. As well as applications. Of course, you can also turn to professionals and give this not an easy job to designers. But they charge from $300 for this. If you do it for free, robots do it. In two clicks, one of them is a website . Designers can perfectly cope with this difficult task.

Or special applications that are set personal preferences in the settings. And they create a design with your chosen color scheme. It is also very important to create your own design yourself. And many create themselves, but first you need to know your target audience. That is, who uses your product. Then what your product is associated with. It is also important not to invent a lot of small patterned details in your product. The most important thing in the logo is uniqueness and a well-chosen color scheme. It is very important to come up with a legend for your logo.

How to choose a design?

Five tips to help make your logo perfect and memorable.

A perfectly matched color palette. The main thing is to know which color is combined with which. You need to be sure that your customers will be interested in the colors you have selected. Experience also proves that the yellow color attracts attention and increases sales.

It is important to study your potential customers. Since the product that you offer should be liked by both adults and children. Let’s say Disney has created a unique logo that has been able to withstand competition for many years.

No need to decorate your logo with details. It is better to make a simple and easy logo. Which will be easily remembered and will be popular.

Be original in the composition. After all, many make a mistake when they take and copy from others, do not be afraid to reveal and show yourself. Perhaps what you do now will then become your quality mark.

This is a legend according to which the secret meaning of your logo will be hidden.


As you understand, this is not an easy task and it is not so easy to come up with any logo. For some, it takes months. That’s why such a huge fee is charged for creating logos. But if you of course intend to make a logo yourself, we are very happy for you and we will be glad if our advice helps you.

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