Showing that creativity is valued and promoting a sense of community are some advantages art offers to the work environment. By adopting a new knowledge-based work style, the company has focused on creativity, learning, and the need to attract new talent. Recent studies have shown that workplace exposure to arts and culture can contribute to developing reflective and innovative thinking processes. Art also stimulates people’s creativity and imagination, so it makes sense to display art in the workplace. Apart from being a source of inspiration, art in the office reduces stress and improves the mood and quality of life of all its residents.

Art is an expression of creativity

When it is part of the environment, it fosters people’s desire to be creative while making them feel in the space of well-being and self-confidence where they can express themselves. It is present in all types of areas, both for all professionals, artists, and creatives, as well as for doctors and accountants. Having art at work can be calming and inspiring, and it leads to different types of focus.

Graffiti for artistic wall decoration

Graffiti Art is a new approach to interior and exterior wall art decoration. Graffiti arts are exciting paintings and drawings that go beyond the typical Painting, wallpaper, or uniform color covering the walls. Professional graffiti artists work in detail on bespoke mural paintings of artistic quality. They go further than the typical work of a painter; creativity, certain styles, creative techniques, illustrations, and different approaches, will give character and style to unique work.

What is decorative graffiti?

Although graffiti is an art of urban expression, due to user requests, it has been professionalized. Decorative graffiti applies the artistic techniques of professional graffiti artists to create a work of art that suits the environment and the decor of the space.

It can be for the exterior “outside” or interior and, on the wall or through some supports, get a unique piece with its style.

These techniques are not only used in open spaces; patio, terrace, building facade, entrance and place door, etc. In addition, decorative graffiti is intended as a mural painting for home interiors to improve interior design.

Works of art, paintings, murals, or sculptures, are more than decorative works. They are an extension of those who created and chose them. In turn, they become statements that, within the company, clarify their identity, culture, and differences from others.

Based on this, experts define ten reasons why artwork is relevant in an office designed for today’s work:

  • They communicate that creativity is valued and is part of the team culture.
  • They express a commitment to creating a health-focused environment.
  • They show that companies are willing to take risks.
  • They attract and retain the next generation who prioritizes inspiring spaces to work in.
  • They connect with the community by adding local artists.
  • They create a sense of belonging with the place and co-workers.
  • They build relationships and become conversation starters.
  • They are a positive distraction because it encourages creative thinking when you try to decipher the concept.
  • They customize the office to represent the ideals of the brand and the company.
  • They promote sustainability by using materials with that profile.

Betting on creativity through spaces that promote it is one way in which organizations can become more competitive in today’s business context, as well as a strategy to spark innovation within their teams.

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