“If your business isn’t on the Internet, your business isn’t there.” We have all heard this phrase from Bill Gates thousands of times. And we will continue to listen to it for a long time, for there is no greater truth than this. If you decide to take the plunge, Sunshine Coast Web Design Agency specializes in web design. Companies are critical to adapting to new customer needs in a digitalization time. And one of the first steps to achieve that is good web design.Web page design is one of the main actions we should look for. Have your entire website publicize your products, services, projects, your company values, and your human resources team… to explain to your potential clients the differential value of the company and why they should choose you over your competitors.

Why is web design so important?

Not only is the information you provide to users important, but how you provide it to them is also important. It is where web design comes into play.

Factors such as usability, navigation (user experience when browsing your website), or even the use of specific shapes and colors are key to ensuring that your potential customers stay on the website or decide to look for competition pages.

Almost 95% of users penalize bad web design. It means they don’t trust the brand and choose a competitor.

Advantages of good web design

  • First impressions are what count, and so much more in this sector. So your website has to be attractive and professional to get attention and build user trust. Typography, colors, margins, and images are important to attract and retain users on your website.
  • Viewed from a more technical point of view, the better our web page design, the less maintenance we need to do on the portal. Because if we work professionally from the start, we may only need to update the web design for a short time.
  • Good web design helps organic page positioning (SEO). We must remember how important Google is for our website. If we want to appear in the first search results, our website must have an organized and professional structure to facilitate indexing by search engines.
  • Web design also helps with page security. There are many differences between code created by professionals and code created by beginners. It’s much easier for the virus to get in the latter case than in the former. We must remember that it is much easier to protect our website than recover it after losing it.
  • Good web design allows the content of our pages to adapt properly to various devices: mobile, tablet, and computer… It is known as responsive design.

You’re better off letting the experts do what they know how to do. They do it. Very good. Of course, find out first, talk to them, ask for different budgets and details on what is and isn’t included in the price, and then decide. Remember to listen to your intuition.

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